DNS Zone Hosting: Free and M-VPS DNS options for your zones

We offer two different types of DNS Hosting for Domain Names - Free and Client Cluster. We recommend the latter.

There are plenty of ways to host your domain's DNS zone, however we've refined our DNS Hosting to make sure you're well looked after.

You can choose to either take advantage of DNS Hosting with 3x Nameservers, managed online via a simple interface in my.Merlot, or leverage your own DNS Cluster if you hold several Managed VPS with us - if so, the nameservers should be listed in your Welcome Email.

Alternatively, utilising the free zone hosting (for instance, where you don't want to "cost" a cPanel account):

  1. Click through to the domain name in my.Merlot
  2. On the right-hand-side, click Domain Addons in the menu
    1. Follow through a free "order" for the DNS Hosting feature
  3. Prepare, then update DNS for the domain name to:
    1. ns1.nameserver.net.au
    2. ns2.nameserver.net.au
    3. ns3.nameserver.net.au
  4. On that same right-hand-side menu, click "DNS Hosting / Forwarding"
    1. Click + and create any record, then reload the page to see the records
    2. From there, you can continue to add new records/lines and update existing ones

Any questions at all, fire away!

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