Categories / Systems

Backups: Restoring 24/7/365 2

Using JetBackup, understanding retention, etc.

Domains, WHOIS & Registrants 7

Registrations, Transfers, EPP codes, CoRs, etc

Filtering: Anti-Spam & Virus 2

Actioning stuck mail, searching quarantines, etc

Managed Servers: cPanel/etc 9

Databases, Emails, Crons, Logins, Updates, etc.

Managed Servers: WHM/CLI 5

Performance tweaking, key-pairs, security, etc.

Migrations to Merlot Digital 4

Moving websites, emails, workloads, apps, etc.

my.Merlot 24/7 & Billing 8

Get to know your one-stop leopard control shop!

SHOUTcast: Internet Radio 9

MediaCP, Rocket Broadcaster, etc, information.

SSL Certs: Sectigo & ACME 6

Let's Encrypt, DV vs EV benefits, paperwork, etc.

Technical Documentation 4

Facility access (Colo), rDNS/PTR, guidelines, etc.

WHMCS: Automation Panel 1

Optimise & automate your workflows & billing!

WordPress, WP-CLI, Woo, etc. 2

Help with the WP CMS & some popular add-ons.

Most popular docs & how-tos

 Email: Creating a new Email Account / Mailbox easily

After logging in directly or through my.Merlot, via cPanel you can create new Mailboxes with...

 Relaying: Configuring your Streamer / Encoder to reach Merlot Digital

Using SHOUTcast v2, you can reach our servers on your unique port with a username & password....

 Upgrading or downgrading: How to do it via my.Merlot

If you're in need of additional space or resources, you can upgrade your plan through my.Merlot....

 EV certs: How long do EVs take to be issued by the CA?

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates can take anywhere from 5 to 30 days to be issued...

 Files: Uploading and downloading using an FTP client

In addition to cPanel's File Manager (web-based), you can use FTP to manage files & folders....