Whois: Protecting contact details from the public

For non-AU domain names, we give you the option of enabling Identity Protection which shields your WHOIS info.

This feature can be enabled for all non-Australian domain name TLDs (ie. .com/.net) via my.Merlot by adding it on to the Domain name.

Once you've selected the Domain to be Whois Protected, under its right sidebar menu click "Addons" then order the free ID Protection domain addon.

After you complete the free order (use EFT/BPAY for the payment method if prompted), your WHOIS contacts will be replaced with some substitute information.

NOTE: Due to your obligation to retain access to the registrant email address, the ID Protection email address will forward all received emails to your shielded address. If you later disable the ID Protection addon, we'll swap the information back to how it was beforehand.

Please keep your information (name, address, phone and email) up-to-date in every domain's Whois Contact details!

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