Colocation: Empty RUs, air flow direction & single-corded gear

NEXTDC maintain strict standards which we pass on to our customers - please read this before attending.

This article covers some of the fundamental principles that you need to adhere to in NEXTDC sites:

  1. Every single RU that does not contain hardware at the FRONT needs a blanking panel installed
    1. This is non-negotiable and rack audits + CCTV will identify culprits for leaving air mixing
    2. Please don't cause deficiencies in the cold/hot aisle containment system due to laziness!
  2. Hot aisle doors, Colocation hall doors, and all other entries are not to be jammed or obstructed
    1. Some doors in our locations will be marked - ie. Warning about penalties (Fire Doors, etc)
  3. All hardware needs to be installed such that exhaust is blown towards the cabinet REAR always
    1. This includes smaller hardware, such as NUCs on shelves, that need to direct exhaust back
  4. Single-corded equipment is permitted though we recommend that an STS be installed for them
    1. This allows site works to run without risk to your single-corded hardware. Recommended
  5. Cabinets are not to be left alone with either or both doors being unblocked and/or open at all
    1. Offences will be captured on CCTV and will not be taken lightly - don't be that person!
  6. Attempts to circumvent the on-site body mass scanning will be detected and handled swiftly
    1. It's important to stress our zero-tolerance approach to misbehaviour at our locations
  7. Please employ structured cabling when you're installing equipment or making any changes
    1. Taking the additional 30-90 seconds once for each cable helps us all out long-term

The above list isn't extensive & doesn't obviate the need for compliance to NEXTDC policies & procedures.

Please note the NEXTDC cabinet/aisle system:



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