Relaying: Configuring your Streamer / Encoder to reach Merlot Digital

Using SHOUTcast v2, you can reach our servers on your unique port with a username & password.

There are a handful of factors to consider when you're trouble-shooting a relay to us not connecting or working.

Your essential SHOUTcast account (Media Control Panel) details include:

  1. Server hostname: ie.
  2. SHOUTcast username: Check your welcome email
  3. SHOUTcast password: Check your welcome email
  4. Unique relaying port: (Within 8000-9000 usually)
    1. Check my.LEOPARD if you're unsure of it
  5. Transport protocol: SHOUTcast v2 relay to us
    1. If needed, you can use v1 rather than v2

From there, you've got a handful of encoding and physical audio factors to consider:

  1. Bitrate at each end: Which quality are you relaying? What does your plan with us include?
    1. If those 2 bitrates don't match, our systems will drop your stream until they both match
  2. Have you checked the physical audio: This only applies in studios, etc, please verify the feed!
    1. Should a problem have arisen with a hard connection on-site, we can't actually fix it!
  3. What is the rejection/error/drop telling you: Please consult your streamer/encoder logs
    1. You can share this information with our SHOUTcast Support team for more help
  4. Do you need to adjust the mount-point: Our systems tend to use /stream (default)
    1. Unless you've amended this everywhere, it should be the case for yours too

If it's your first time and you plan to relay through us, we recommend Rocket Broadcaster.

Please read the configuration article for details, and consult your Welcome Email. (clarifies Free vs Pro as well)

Visit the SHOUTcast Australia website for more details:


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